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Pre-Packaged Systems & Enclosures

Canariis Corporation manufactures a variety of UL/ FM rated pump packaged systems including Electric & Diesel Fire Pump Packaged Setups & Enclosures. Packages are not a “one-size-fits-all”, every system is custom engineered to the specific project requirements and space limitations of the job-site application. All of the various trades are brought together under one roof and are coordinated under a common management. The manufacturing techniques that are used by these specialists, combined with a high level of quality control, provide a superior finished product. This team effort results in a cost-effective and efficiently manufactured product that can be purchased for less than it would cost to construct in the field.


The pre-packaged systems are designed to take up less floor space without sacrificing serviceability. Installing contractors only have to set the unit in place, make the piping connections to the system and provide electrical power to the distribution panel. Which considerably reduces the start-up and commissioning tasks as compared to a field-assembled system.

Canariis Corporation provides packaged systems with fiberglass, aluminum or metal enclosures. These enclosures can be supplied with accessories including interior, exterior and emergency lighting, exhaust fan, louver, A/C, heater and convenience receptacles. Each enclosure is designed to the specific building code of the final destination including wind loading, live load, snow load, etc. The enclosures are available in an array of sizes, colors and siding to appropriately fit the application.


Every system is tested during various stages of the manufacturing process: electrically, hydrostatically & flow tested prior to shipment. The manufacturing and testing is designed to assure ease of installation, simplified start-up procedures, and many years of trouble free operation. All systems are custom designed, engineered, fabricated and tested in Canariis Corporation’s factory in Riverview, Florida.

Canariis Corporation builds a wide range of NFPA 20 fire pump systems. Each system is custom designed to the specific application.


Some Options include:

  • Electric or Diesel

  • Horizontal split-case, inline or vertical turbine pumps

  • Structural steel base

  • Single or multiple point power connections

  • Fire pump controllers

  • Jockey pump & controller

  • UL/FM listed components

  • Bypass piping

  • Test header

  • Flow meter

  • Relief valves

  • Fire department connections

  • System Enclosure

  • Multi-room enclosures with fire rated walls

  • Sprinkler

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