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Peerless FireConnect®

Peerless FireConnect®

The first cloud-based solution capable of modernizing any fire pump system, giving you real-time, remote monitoring of the fire pump system whenever & wherever you need it!

Diagnose Before Dispatch

With access to real-time and historical data, you can proactively address equipment issues and diagnose before dispatching service personnel when needed.

Improve Emergency Response
Customizable alerts will notify you within seconds of an emergency, giving you the information you need to make quick decisions. You’ll immediately know your pumps’ data flow and conditions so emergency response is as effective as possible.

Increase Building Safety
The app gives you the line of sight you need to all your fire pump equipment, which can indicate larger equipment issues like system leaks that trigger the jockey pump. If equipment needs attention, you’ll be notified immediately so you can address the issue and keep your building safe.

Get Peace of Mind
Peerless FireConnect® gives you confidence that your fire safety system will operate effectively in the event of an emergency. With 24/7 access to alerts and continuous reporting of over 65 pieces of system data, you’ll always be the first to know what’s happening at your facility.




  • With the system in a static (non-running) condition, have remote real-time access to system values such as power/voltage levels, system pressure, any current or previous alarms and many other statistical values.

  • With the system in a running condition, have access to all of the above information, plus view in real time the actual operating conditions of the fire pump system, including suction and discharge pressures, gallons per minute of flow, and many other operating system condition values.


  • Remote real-time monitoring, without opening the fire pump controller door, reduces operator risk factors and promotes personnel safety.



  • Quickly review history of weekly/monthly fire pump testing, both non-flow and flow tests to monitor compliance with code-mandated testing requirements.

  • Review alarm and event history files to determine trends in potential problem areas.

  • With an approved digital output flow meter installed in the system, and including the fire pump’s original factory or field acceptance test into the Peerless FireConnect® app, you have the ability to automatically benchmark all future tests against the original to determine if the system is within code parameters.



  • Review alarm and event history files to determine trends in potential problem areas.


  • Monitor the entire fire pump system (pump, controller and driver) as well as the performance curve of the fire pump over time to estimate when maintenance is needed.


  • Record jockey pump system operational values, including the number of starts and stops for excessive use, and, through the use of user-configurable averages, see indications of potential leaks/problems in the sprinkler system.


  • A “diagnose to dispatch” instead “dispatch to diagnose” approach enables effective ITM site visits.



In the event of an actual fire incident, the information displayed on the app, including system pressure, gallons per minute flow and flow over time, can be used to understand the approximate number of open sprinkler heads and to determine if the fire is contained or growing. This real-time information can potentially limit the damage of a fire.



Approximately 70 data items are continuously streamed to the app, and almost half can be set up as alerts by the user. Notification of these alerts can be sent to multiple users, utilizing SMS and/or email. Through the use of the Peerless FireConnect® app, have the ability to view all of the above information, including the fire pump’s actual performance, from any smart device remotely from the fire pump system.




Many other features are being tested for incorporation into Peerless FireConnect®, such as the use of digital devices and sensors to monitor sprinkler risers, hydrants, fire doors, etc.

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