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As of: June 1st, 2020
We have items that were ordered incorrectly or project conditions
changed. All of these items are new, never installed and will have manufacturer
12-month warranties starting from date shipped to you. All these items are available for
immediate shipment.

BE THE HERO with your customer and not wait on the
factory to build and ship!

Tornatech FP (Controller)

  • GYP + GPU, 208vac, 50hp.

Seminole, FL

Tornatech FP (Controller)

  • GPS + GPU, 208vac, 60hp.

Totowa, NJ

Tornatech FP (Controller)

  • GPA, 460vac, 50hp.

Hudson, FL

Tornatech FP (Controller)

  • GPA, 460vac, 50hp.

Seminole, FL

Firetrol FP (Controller)

  • FTA-1000, 460vac, 60hp.

Baltimore, MD

Baldor FP (Motor)

40hp @ 3600rpm, 286TS, 200/400vac

St.Pete, FL

Marathon FP (Motor)

60hp @ 3600rpm, 326TS, 230/460vac

Baltimore, MD

(2) - Baldor FP (Motor)

100hp @ 1800 rpm, 404TS, 200/400vac

Ft. Myers, FL

Vertical Turbine

2000 gpm @ 70 psi Peerless Bowl Assembly Model 14MDF, 2 stages
in group "A" standard bronze fitted construction with stainless steel shaft, cast iron
bowls, bronze impeller and bronze basket strainer. Discharge head model 10x10x20 Sci with stainless steel top shaft, packing container. (2) 10" x 1-1/2" x 10' Open Line
Shaft column assembly with stainless steel shafting, and black steel threaded and
coupled column pipe. 100 HP, 1760 RPM, 460/3/60, Vertical Hollow Shaft WPI, High
Thrust, 1.15 Service Factor, "P" base, Class"B" Insulation, UL Listed Electric Motor.
NIDEC. Firetrol® FTA1300 Wye-Delta, Open Transition Starting Fire Pump
Controller. 100 hp @ 460vac, NEMA 4 painted cabinet.

Vero Beach, FL

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