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Peerless Fire Pumps

The Peerless Package: With over 90 years of experience, Peerless Fire Pump Packages provide a Fire Pump that's in installations worldwide. These systems are manufactured by an industry leader with vast experience in the Fire Protection field. When you require complete service, from engineering assistance to field start-up, you want a Peerless Pump.

Peerless Pump means years of experience in evaluating actual operating conditions to anticipate problems, needs and future requirements. Peerless Pump means field-proven experience in translating that information into a truly integrated custom-built Fire Pump Package that's as individual as the application demands.

Applications: In packaged Fire Pump Systems, Peerless can design and build engineered systems from a simple pump and driver arrangement on a skid to a fully-enclosed, completely-integrated pump and control center, with a choice of diesel or electric drivers, and all the required controllers, fittings and ancillary equipment per NFPA 20.

Quality Engineering: Peerless Pump designs tough,versatile products to meet your pumping needs. A complete line of Fire Pumps that are U.L. (Underwriter's Laboratories) listed and FM (Factory Mutual) approved. The industry's most comprehensive product line includes inline, horizontal split case and vertical turbine models.

The Peerless UL/FM Fire Pump System:  Designed to your specifications, Peerless Packaged UL/FM Pumps come with or without enclosures, with one or more pump/driver combinations, and include controls with inlet/outlet piping/valves and per NFPA 20.

Accurate Predetermined Cost: In a component system, an accurate estimate of total costs is not always possible. Availability and interfacing of separately manufactured components can produce serious cost over-runs as well as unforeseen operational problems. With a Peerless Pump Package these headaches are eliminated.  Total costs are accurately determined before installation. Provisions can be made for future expansion as well.


  • Complete Unit Responsibility

  • State of the Art Engineering Designs

  • Value Added Services for Customer

  • Reduced Installation Costs

  • Technical and Commercial Support

  • ISO 9001 Manufacturing Facility

  • Your state Hurricane Certified Building


Factory Testing: The Fire Pump, diesel engine and controllers are tested by their respective factories. The packaged system piping is hydro-statically tested to ensure piping integrity. An electrical test is performed to verify the function of each component. By taking the approach to a pump package design, important safety features are integrated into the system.


Single source Service and Warranty:  Peerless Fire Pump Packages will save you valuable time when servicing is required. Whether it's a relief valve, pump gauge, a control circuit, or installation supervision / start-up, our worldwide network of certified service engineers can do the job.

Serving most of Florida: Daytona to Marco Island, Tallahassee to Melbourne, Tampa/St. Petersburg & Orlando
Forward your specifications, or allow us to design a system for your needs
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