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Fire Pump Testing Less Than 150% of Rated Flow IBC Sprinkler Thresholds

Multiple EOD questions have been submitted regarding flow testing of fire pumps. Specifically, questions were raised regarding fire pump flow tests that did not flow 150% of the fire pumps rated flow due to the risk of property damage or low suction pressure.

NFPA 25 does not specifically state that the fire pump test can be stopped due to potential for damage, but Section in the 2020 edition states that if the suction supply is not available to flow at 150% of rated pump capacity, then the pump can be flowed at the rated pump flow rate and at the maximum flow at the lowest permissible suction pressure. In accordance with Section, the pump test results are considered acceptable provided that each flow point (churn, 100%,150%) are within 95% of the data plate or manufacturer’s test curve.

In the 2017 edition, language was added, stating, where applicable speed and velocity pressure adjustments must be made to the net flow data to determine the compliance with Section

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