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FirePumps don’t handle freezing conditions well, that’s why there’s heaters in the pump room…

Someone, for whatever reason, decided to turn the heater off… OPPS!!!

Well, the -12 degrees the blizzard brought, played mayhem on this pump room!

X The pump has frozen solid & broken apart, also it’s safe to assume the clay valve is frozen & won’t return to working condition after it thaws.

X The sensing & bypass lines have frozen and blown apart.

X The jockey pump appears to be frozen & swollen.

X The backflow appears to be frozen solid as the OS&Y’s are inoperable because the water in the back flow preventer is likely frozen solid.

X The control valves from the feed side & the main control valve on the system side are also frozen & unable to be operated.

X There is still power to the pump & jockey controller, but no guarantee that either controller will be in working condition moving forward.

X Unfortunately there is no way to determine how far the system has been damaged before it completely thaws.

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