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Perfect example of why FP Contrators need to stay in their lane!

"This is why fire protection contractors need to be careful about staying in their lane! Fortunately, the fire protection contractor scheduled the power company to disengage an in-building transformer so a listed fire pump disconnect could be installed in preparation for a fire pump replacement. When the power company attempted to shut down the transformer, it collapsed. The fire protection contractor did the right thing with proper notices, and scheduling, and DID NOT touch the transformer. They left that to the proper "owners" of the equipment. Thus, saving themselves a great deal of liability. STAY IN YOUR LANE - DON'T PRETEND YOU KNOW HOW TO DO IT. The project is now on hold until transformer repairs/replacement can be figured out." "Just an FYI. The power company nor the fire protection contractor did anything wrong. Proper procedures were followed. The old transformer had hidden issues. Not evident at all. A surprise for everyone. The power company owned the transformer and they physically did the hands-on. It would have been easy and expedient for the contractor to throw a switch but they knew better…not their lane as I said. A good decision by them. The power company is the responsible party for repairs…more than likely replacement."

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